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exhaust service

Engine making abnormally loud noises? Feeling the need to refuel more and even more frequently? Observing excessive condensation leaking from your exhaust pipes? Getting an unusual smell from your car, lately? If the answer to any/all of these questions was a ‘YES! from your side, then bring your vehicle to us at the earliest. These are clear indicators of the need for exhaust servicing for your vehicle.

We, at Smart MOT and Service Centre, are a group of professionals trained to address and solve all of that in the best way possible.

What is it and why should you be concerned about it?

The exhaust system of your vehicle is one of the most complex systems on your vehicle. It is so much more than just a tailpipe and a muffler. It is a system that binds numerous units together, such as manifold, gaskets, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and muffler. Failure of any of these can give dangerous outcomes. For example, a cracked or loose manifold or a leaking gasket can allow poisonous gases (including the colourless, odourless and deadly carbon monoxide) to enter the passenger cabin of your vehicle. For this reason (and several others), it is very important to keep the exhaust Aston, Birmingham system of your vehicle in a good condition.

Also, the fasteners, to which the entire exhaust system of your vehicle is attached, can come loose or even break. Following this, the hot components of the exhaust system can come in contact with other parts such as wires and hoses. This may result in melting them and subsequently causing serious damage to your vehicle.

That is, whether it be for the safety of your car or yourself, regular inspection and servicing of your exhaust system should stand as your top concerns.

What can you do?

Bring your car to us. Yes, that's it!

What will we do?

With a team of highly skilled professionals, with several years of experience in servicing the exhaust system of a wide range of cars, Smart MOT and Service Centre stands as an emblem of trust and excellence among its customers. Exhaust servicing requires careful inspection and perfection in tune-ups, and we are known to deliver the same.

Our technicians, at Smart MOT and Service Centre, are trained to deliver the services based on what is required for your car and not to sellthem for mere profits. We are a customer-oriented group and not believe in being money-oriented. Therefore, excellence is not a choice, but a compulsion. Known for exceptional client care, impeccable services and reasonable rates, we take the best care of cars and bring our clients back on the road, in no time.

Visit our centre or reach us through email/call to know more about the exhaust maintenance services offered by us and to schedule an appointment for service or routine inspection of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

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