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What is a Clutch?

The clutch is one of the most important parts of a car. If you drive, you must be noticing its importance every time. It acts as a connector between the transmission system and the engine. It can connect and disconnect the two according to the requirement of the vehicle. This makes the running of the car easy, controlled and smooth. Without it, driving your car would be very difficult, due to the discomfort you’ll experience while switching gears.

Clutch can be manual or automatic. Modern technology is capable of supporting an automatic clutch, Nechells. So, modern cars have it. On the other hand, manual clutches have been the brother-in-arms for cars, since they were first manufactured. So, it is very important to maintain it regularly and take it for timely services as well. In case of any sort of damage, it needs repairing immediately.

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Types of Clutches

There are mainly four types of clutches:

  • Electromagnetic
  • Fluid
  • Friction
  • Positive contact

Signs of a Clutch Catastrophe

  • Bear in your mind that pushing the clutch pedal should require some force. The driver must give a little more effort in pushing a clutch than any other pad. A smooth clutch pad is a sign for a faulty clutch.
  • If the clutch does not fit into the reverse properly or even if there is no friction felt while changing into reverse gear, there is a problem. It must be in the early stage most probably, so don’t worry so much. Just get it checked.
  • Clutch slipping is another common symptom that it needs to be repaired. This means if you wish to change gears or speed up, it will become very hard. In such a case, driving becomes a strenuous job and even out of control.
  • Unfortunately, there are some signs like a vibration in the clutch, Nechells while driving, that can be felt at a later stage of clutch wearing.
  • A foul burning smell is another indication of your clutch pads being damaged.
  • A grinding sound that is generating from the clutch is a non-ignorable warning of a damaged clutch. clutch Replacement Birmingham service is an immediate requirement.

These are some important symptoms that need to be paid attention to. Ignoring the damage of your clutch can lead to the development of some serious problems in your car. If you live nearby, then, visit us, at Smart MOT and Service Centre, right away for any kind of clutch repair Birmingham services. Our experts are capable of efficiently repairing, fitting and replacing clutches of all the types of cars.

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Ignoring warnings given by your car is risky. It is better to get the clutch and transmission of your car checked at an early stage of the problem. This shall save a lot of unwanted expenditure, as the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Moreover, it is essential that the clutch is checked routinely, while servicing your car, to avoid any problem to occur itself. So stop thinking and start acting.

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