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Are you looking for Exhaust Repair Birmingham Service for your vehicle?

Does your car’s exhaust make an unusually loud noise whenever you turn it on? Is it just gulping down fuel and still not providing that performance it used to give? Maybe there is a vibration creeping through the seat or the steering column?

All these are clear indications that your car’s exhaust unit may perhaps be malfunctioning.

Most exhaust problems can be diagnosed by either listening out for loud roaring, chugging noises or by visually checking the exhaust system underneath the vehicle; however, they are not easy to fix. That’s why Smart MOT & Service Centre have brought their exhaust service at Nechells. Visit our workshop to repair your cars faulty exhaust and get attractive deals on all of our services.

When should you come for an exhaust repair Birmingham?

A car’s engine burns fuel to generate power. That process creates a lot of fumes that need to be extracted from the engine compartment. Exhaust manifold pulls the gas out of your car’s engine while handling extreme thermal stress and constant vibration in that process. Because of that temperature range and excessive stress, they get damaged often.

Here are a few ways to identify a damaged exhaust manifold.

  • Noise – The silencer is the first part that usually gives you a warning about an exhaust problem. Your exhaust will begin making a loud roaring noise that cannot be missed, indicating an issue with its muffler.

If there is a hissing sound, it indicates a crack in your car’s exhaust manifold. Also, if there is a chugging noise that means there is a blockage in its pipes. Bring your vehicle to Smart MOT & Service Centre for an exhaust repair at Nechells.

If you hear rattling, it could mean that the exhaust system has become loose or misaligned.

  • Poor performance – If your car starts losing power without warning, a faulty exhaust might be the cause. When it doesn’t evacuate fume out of the engine properly, it effectively chokes your car’s engine. That stops it from working at its full potential.
  • Low mileage – If your car’s engine loses its performance because of its exhaust, it will start guzzling fuel. It too is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the unit.

Why you should not drive around in a car with faulty exhaust –

The most critical role of the exhaust is to channel noxious fumes away from the vehicle cabin. If these fumes leak into the vehicle cabin, it will become hazardous for you and your passengers. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can lead to a fatal catastrophe. Please make sure that you use your vehicle only after a proper exhaust service at Nechells.

A damaged exhaust system also results in noise levels and CO2 emissions higher than the legal regulations. A broken exhaust system may result in an MOT failure (every vehicle on the UK roads should be MOT certified), and you might have to pay a hefty fine if you get stopped while driving.

Prevent paying unnecessary fines, bring your vehicle to Smart MOT & Service Centre today

Your car’s exhaust is a complex unit, consisting of multiple components. Only licensed technicians like we have on our team must be allowed to inspect or repair it. So bring your vehicle to our workshop today, and experience the best exhaust repair Birmingham. Book your appointment today, call us or visit us online.

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