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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

European Union has made it mandatory for car tyres to entail a label. This label specifies the underlying characteristics of a tyre by focusing on numerous aspects. Subsequently, commenting on the efficiency, noise level, and wet braking becomes easy. This further helps in showcasing whether the vehicle will have a deteriorating impact on the environment or not. As a car owner, you must be equipped with the required knowledge about this labelling routine. At Smart MOT and Service Centre, we assist our customers in having a better understanding of the EU tyre label, along with maintaining tyres with different labels.

What does EU tyre label imply?

A glance over these labels can provide you with a clear understanding of its safety as well as environmental traits. These easily understandable pictograms have been formulated by the government and made mandatory for tyre manufacturers to comply. EU tyre label Nechells gives a well-articulated idea of three significant aspects.

Wet grip

This denotes the distance a tyre requires to come to a halt when brakes are applied in wet road conditions. Wet grip is categorised between class A to G (with D and G not currently in use). A higher wet grip rating means your vehicle will take more time to stop entirely. This comes out as a prominent safety measure that you must realise before purchasing a tyre.

Fuel efficiency

This labelling also chalks out the distance your vehicle can cover using 1 litre of fuel. This rating again ranges from class A to G, with class G specifying the worst fuel efficiency. Typically, fuel requirement increases by 0.1 litres for each 100 km when gradually shifting between classes.

Noise level

EU tyre level also mentions the extent of noise produced by your car tyres. The lowest noise level is represented by a single sound wave, whereas three waves denote its maxima. Ensure being proactive about this rating before purchasing tyres.

How much difference do various EU labels make?

Your tyres will be directly impacted by this rating as it has a say on the cost-effectiveness. This means selecting car tyres with suitable classes of given three ratings will provide better fuel-efficiency and safety. Besides, you will have a clear idea of the environmental impact of your tyres. It’s essential to invest in tyres that come with suitable EU labels. This way, you can be assured about getting the best value of your money.

Extensive car tyre choices with desired EU labels

Whether you’re aware of the EU tyre label to go with or not, our professionals will assist you on every front. At Smart MOT and Service Centre, we maintain a vast range of car tyres that come with EU tyre labels of your choice. Our specialists are here to help you with the selection of tyres most suited for your vehicle.

Since it’s imperative to buy suitably labelled tyres, we extend assistance along with providing you with the best tyres. Visit our garage today and get the most favourable tyre, depending on your budget. You can also contact our experts on call, email, and even chat.

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