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Are you looking for Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham for your vehicle?

Ghost Immobiliser is a revolutionary vehicle immobilisation system that protects your car from fraudulent activities like key cloning, key theft and hacking. This device was created by Autowatch and is one of the best car safety solutions available on the automobile market.

If you are located in or around Nechells and are looking for garages that offer efficient and prompt Ghost Immobiliser installation, come down to our workshop, Smart MOT & Service Centre. We are one of the few garages that install Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Nechells and have a team of trained experts proficient in this task.

How does Ghost Immobiliser work?

Unlike other safety devices, a Ghost Immobiliser does not have any LED indicator or key fobs. Instead, the Ghost Immobiliser is directly linked to a vehicle's Control Area Network system or CAN with a PIN code of your choice. This PIN code is programmed into the vehicle by using several buttons on the steering wheel, door panels, or central console in a particular sequence which is unique to the car owner and can be up to 20 actions long. In order to start the engine, one will have to insert the right PIN, or else, it will remain immobile.

Benefits of Ghost Immobiliser Nechells

Ghost Immobiliser Birmingham proves beneficial in a number of ways, like:

  • Thieves often override car security systems by hacking into the OBD. However, a Ghost Immobiliser does not emit any radio signal, and therefore, it is completely undetectable to the diagnostic tools which the thieves typically use.
  • In order to make the operation of Ghost Immobiliser even more hassle-free, an app is available for Apple and Android phones. This app helps to unlock your car within a 5 m to 10 m range via Bluetooth.
  • Once you install the Ghost Immobiliser in your car, you will no longer have to carry additional key fobs or equipment. All you need to do is enter the right pin. Further, the pin is changeable, and the system also offers a secure and emergency code should you forget the PIN.

Why us?

Our experts offer a safe and accurate installation of Ghost Immobiliser Nechells without cutting any wire or cable. Moreover, we strictly follow the guidelines provided by Autowatch to ensure correct installation.

Therefore, hurry! You needn’t look any further for affordable “Ghost Immobiliser installation services near me”.

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